the Cats

With so many amazing Cats in our group, we actually CAN be in two places at once. 

As a nationally in-demand group, The Alley Cats have grown to accommodate their active touring schedule! All of our guys come with highly celebrated musical backgrounds and extensive resumes including Broadway shows, Television appearances, and Grammy nominations. The original founding members are still performing with the group today, and most of the Cats have been in the group for over 10 years. Here are a couple of our guys, more pictures to come soon!

Royce Reynolds

Armando Fonseca, Tenor Two – Mando is super sexy, and an amazing dancer, cook, carpenter, travel agent, road manager, accountant, booking agent, Anaheim Ducks fan, and fantasy football champ. He is also an expert traveler, and a cheapo who can do anything on a budget or for free. Just don’t ask if his methods are legal. Mando is a founding member of the original Alley Cats, and has made a living singing made-up doo wop words since 1987. He’s also a proud father, husband, and grandpa to several little Alley Kittens. Mando is thrilled to be doing what he does best: telling bad jokes.

Mando Fonseca

John O'Campo

Jeremy Bernard

The Show

Shows for all seasons: Doo-Wop, Holiday, and Educational.

The Alley Cats' unparalleled Doo Wop show blends America's most known and loved music with comedy and showmanship that will have your audiences begging for their return! With their signature 90-minute Doo Wop show, their unforgettable Holiday show, and their acclaimed educational programs, The Alley Cats always serve up a great time!

To learn more about a specific show that The Alley Cats can do for you, get in touch with us by clicking below.

The Details

The Alley Cats are a no brainer for your upcoming season or entertainment needs. Here's why:

  • The Alley Cats provide all their own sound equipment and boast a one-hour set-up and tear-down, ideal for your packed line-up!

  • The Alley Cats sing the music of the "Baby Boomers," America's LARGEST generation!

  • The Alley Cats can include audience participation and educational elements, and always engage their audience.

  • The Alley Cats have 30 years of experience, are always professional, and always bring on the laughs!